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Cemetery, Funeral Services in Brooklyn, NY

Funeral Services in Brooklyn, New York

Dahill Funeral Home in Brooklyn, New York, specializes in funeral services, cremations, and burials. We also have a selection of caskets and urns to choose from. Our family-owned-and-operated funeral home has been offering personalized service since 1911.

Our Services Include:     

 • Funerals
 • Burials
 • Cremations
 • Preneed Funeral Arrangements
 • Shipping
 • Casket & Urn Sales

How We Help
We understand how difficult it is to part with a loved one and how trying it can be to make arrangements, especially when the death comes as a shock. You can count on us to help you through this time with the utmost sensitivity. Whether you are interested in a traditional funeral service or cremation, we can help.

Planning Ahead
If you are interested in planning ahead for your own or someone else's funeral, we can help. By making plans now, you will avoid last-minute decisions and give yourself or someone else peace of mind, knowing that all details have been taken care of.

Call us today in Brooklyn, New York at (718) 336-2900, for all of your funeral service needs.