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Cemetery, Funeral Services in Brooklyn, NY

Casket Sales in Brooklyn, New York

Dahill Funeral Home in Brooklyn, New York, is your source for casket sales. Contact us today to learn more about our funeral services, which include:

Burials & Cremations
Meet with our staff to make arrangements based on your preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral service or are interested in cremation, we can help.

Preneed Funeral Arrangements
Make the final arrangements ahead of time for yourself or someone else. We can set up irrevocable and revocable funeral trust accounts, which means your money is federally deposited and insured in a banking facility. Not only will you ease the burden of your loved ones, but you will save money by paying today's prices.

Urn, Cremations and Burials in Brooklyn, NY

We can assist you with choosing casket sprays, standing sprays, rose-covered casket pillows, and all of the memorial flowers you may need for the funeral service.

Headstone Inscriptions
When you meet with our funeral director or counselor, he or she will assist you with every aspect of the funeral service and all of the corresponding details, including what you would like to have inscribed on the headstone or grave marker.

Headstone, Casket Sales in Brooklyn, NY

Shipping Services
We offer shipping services of human remains to domestic and international locations. This is for people who pass away here and want to be sent back to their city or country. We also accept human remains from other countries and states.

Casket Sales
Browse our large selection of caskets and urns. We also sell outer internment receptacles, which some cemeteries require. These are for placing the casket inside of before burial. We also rent cremation caskets.

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